• 品牌: 圣鑫


Flow Range: 30-80L/S (500GPM-1250GPM adjustable), 

Working Pressure(rated): 10 bar 

Max Reach @ Max Flow: 75M 

Max. Range of motion:  30°-90°Vert , 360°Rot,  

Max fog angle :120°

Material (body):Hard coated anodized Aluminum

Material (nozzle):Hard coated anodized Aluminum, Master automatic Nozzle

Inlet:2*65M, when only one inlet works, the other automatically shut off.

Stream sharper is available and ensure expected range.

Automatic drainage: when water pressure is less than 2 bar, water inside the monitor is drained automatically.

Spike: Anti-skidding tungsten steel spike to avoid skidding during operation. Spring damping mechanism inside the spike help adjust well on uneven road and buffer recoil.

Inlet coupling is hose anti-knot ,360 degree rotatable, stainless steel ball valve built-in

Safety valve available to close the valve when the monitor is inclined to protect fire fighting man away from damage.

Remote control distance: 800M (2600 ft)

Energy saving function for the RC control: The power will be shut off when there is no operation for 5 minutes.

Built-in aerial in the RC to achieve compact volume and portability.

The control system can be programmed to achieve different swing angle, range and types

Foam attachment is available for foam fire fighting

Weight incl. nozzle:appox 25kg